Installing 📲 ‘SidTree’ in Your World


Hi, My Name is Siddharth Tripathi  or SidTree and I’m a Writer, Poet, Journalist, iOS Developer, an Avid Reader & Microscopic Observer.

I’m Founder of Kavi on iPad It is an Internet Based Project for forging Arts & Technology. This is a way to create some very unique content with the help of iPad/iPhone in digital format. Please Note that Kavi or कवि in Hindi means Poet, So the name itself forges poetry with a technological device like tablet.

Trying to create – Poems at the moment they Flow inside my mind, Visual Poems via Tablet or Phone’s Camera, Digital Paintings via Stylus, Poetic Radio Podcasts, Video Accounts of Universal Moments, Tapping New Stories while travelling, Composing Music on iPad for background, Research & Analysis of variety of Issues and Sharing Knowledge. Be it anything, it is expressed in digital format

Apart from this…

I Create India’s Most Loved News show – DNA (Daily News & Analysis) (Mon-Sat 9pm @ZeeNews). That means Originating, conceptualising, Scripting, Researching, Making Design-Display plan and Producing India’s Number One News Analysis show. Working with Zee News from last 5 years. Earlier Live India, Sahara TV, Hindustan Times. Overall 17 years (43,829 Flying* Hours) of Experience in Electronic and Print Media.

*Flying Hours – Experience of Applied creativity in Challenging 24 hour News Arena

Produced Hundreds of TV Programs across various channels during last 15 years based on – News & Current Affairs, Science, Medicine, Astronomy, Economy, Technology, Gadgets, Crime, Society, Music, Films, Environment, Elections etc.

Conceptualised, Narrated and Produced, Documentaries on Variety of Topics, which include – 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks, Steve Jobs, Bal Thackrey, Historical Events like Jallianwala bagh, Hiroshima Nagasaki bombings. 100 Years of cinema, Personalities of Cinema, Making of India’s First film,  Smile Pinki (Short film on Girl with cleft Operation) etc.

In spare time I made Promo concepts, performed Voiceovers & even did Talk shows on Radio.

So this is me in 320 Words. I hope you would like this experiment and I would make this better with every passing moment.

Enjoy and tell me what you feel !