Hello siddharth sir, after a very long time, I checked the website and started reading your Poetries. Right now m feeling so good. It seems poem has two title “ख़ुद को लिखी चिट्ठियां” and “Letters soaked in pain” I loved the 2nd one N also loved. “TRY TO STAND ………. WHILE YOU ARE MELTING”! ( Written in Red, below the talking picture of Dry Leaf which demonstrate the Title “Letters (Life) soaked in pain” ) such a deep and beautiful Poetry. वैसे सर आपकी poetries पढ़ने के लिए समझ भी बहुत होनी चाहिए या बोल सकते हैं समझने के लिए दिमाग होना चाहिए।