Glow like a Friend

Kavi-Vaar on Friendship Day is here and Today I’m trying to illustrate The word Friend. This is a series of Poems, every poem progressively widens the meaning of a friend. Truth is that every relationship has a friend embedded in. First poem sees a friend as a streak of light.

अंधेरी आधी रात में
जुगनू सा दमके

छोटा सा, सच्चा सा
वो दोस्त सा उजाला
लिखता जाए फलक पर
कोई बात हल्के-हल्के

साथी नहीं, सूफी है वो
पीता है अंधेरा
देखो रोशनी का नाच
घूमके…. घूमके

International Version

Like a Firefly
In the Dark Night

Like a pen
writing something
on canvas of dark clouds

Like a bonfire
When cold wind blows

He drinks all the Darkness
He dances like a sufi
All over your Life

© Siddharth Tripathi  *SidTree |, 2016.

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Siddharth Tripathi / *SidTree

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