Thank You VCR.. for the memories

Technologically Speaking, My Generation is most experienced and Nostalgic in terms of Gadgets. We saw birth & Death of Audio Cassette, Floppy Disk, Hi-Fi Systems, DVD players, CRT TVs, B&W TVs (and soon iPods). Now its turn of VCR. The last-known company called Funai, still manufacturing VCR or videocassette recorders said a few days back that they would stop making VCRs by the end of July, because of difficulty in acquiring parts.
Company says that

after selling only 750,000 units last year, they decided to pack the bags. The decreased production numbers have made parts costly and whole business is difficult to sustain.

I don’t think that VCRs have a charisma and snob value of a Vinyl Record. so they would definitely die, but the memories would not die.

There was a time in India when only Super rich could afford VCRs and they were available on rent at VHS Libraries. Rs 120 (big money in 1980s/90s) was the rent for one night and we use to watch 3 movies back to back, so that we could justify the cost. Then time rolled on and we moved on to DVD Players, DTH, iPod, iPad, iTunes Store and finally Netflix ! but those memories with visual glitch are still there.

…Adios VCR !

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