Shade is a Fundamental Right : छांव का अधिकार

In Hard times, all you need is a Shade, Kindness & Tender touch ! This is Fundamental right of every individual

लखनऊ से दिल्ली आया वो पौधा

साल भर बालकनी में पला

धूप में जला, ठंड में गला

फिर नज़र पड़ी… ज़रा छांव मिली…

… तो नये पत्ते आने लगे

संघर्ष में ज़रा सी छांव.. सबका हक़ है

International Version

That small plant travelled

From Lucknow to the city of Delhi

For an Year

It was Burning under Sun

Trying to stand… In Chilly Winds

One Day someone saw him Suffering

And Shifted him in Shade

I can see… New Leaves coming

A bit of Shade in This War Room of Life

Its Everybody’s Right

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