It Smells Like my Room : ये कमरा मेरा है

This poem is everybody’s inner voice, so this time in Kavi-Vaar listen to your heart.

गुंचा मेरी ख्वाहिशों का, उड़ान मेरी
निढाल हो, या नाचे काया मेरी
उतरन, सलवटें, अधजले ख़्वाब
चाय एक प्याली, झोंका भर नींद मेरी
मेरी ज़िद, मेरा गुमान
वो मेरे होने की बू
मेरा नंगापन
सब यूं ही फैला रहने दो
ये कमरा मेरा है

International Version

There is a window of possibilities
There is a lamp which welcomes me
Everytime i enter my room
Some half read books
Some half hearted efforts
Some half written poems
Moments of being a loser
Smoke of some Burnt relationships
Broken promises, stupid compromises
Being proud, being Scared
That smell of My existence
That indiscipline of being me
Let it all be scattered like that
Because this is my Room

© Siddharth Tripathi  *SidTree |, 2016.

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