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Zero = किसान

Core Thought : A Farmer is equal to Zero गिरो तो उठ न सको बुझो तो जल न सको ज़हर मिला तो पी लो माथे पर लिखा ज़ीरो..…

Tolerance : सहिष्णुता

This time Kavi-Vaar is about Tolerance. It starts from a Mother who carries her baby in the womb. She tolerates all the pain and then that tolerance is transferred to her Child. This is how tolerance spreads. Try to understand it, nurture it and practice it.

फ़ासला : Distance

Core Thought : Just feel the distance, sometimes distance is equivalent to worship. मूल-विचार : इस बार कविवार में दूरी यानी फासले को महसूस कीजिए, कई बार ये फासला…