Love Stream 3 : बूंद-बूंद तुम | Drops of You

Winters are being mixed into Summers, this defines February. Now I’m starting to Stream a series of Love Poems, After Glass world & You & I Fused. I hope you’ll like these poems. They are aged like wines. Some of them started 10 to 12 years ago and now they have distinct flavour.

अलाव की रौशनी
तुम्हारे चेहरे पर चिपकी थी
उबटन की तरह
हवा के झोंके नूर बढ़ाते गए
परतें झरती रहीं
वो आग बहती रही
चेहरे से, कंधे..
आंचल से ज़मीं तक
वहीं कहीं मेरी आंखें
पी रही थीं बूंद दर बूंद

International Version
See your beloved
like you have never seen before
Its like watching firestones
flowing with the wind
from lips to shoulders
from lap to toes
and you are drinking every drop of beloved’s existence
through eyes
that fire is slowly filling my soul cups
with warmth of this fire
nothing can froze

© Siddharth Tripathi  *SidTree |, 2016.