The Home & The World : घर और दुनिया

Your Home and Your World is divided by your skin, this poem redefines our concept of home and world.

और उस योद्धा ने हथियार रख दिये
क्योंकि वो जानता था कि किसी भी युद्ध में उसकी जीत निश्चित है

चलती, फिरती, साँस लेती लाशें देखकर उसे क्रोध नहीं आता
लहू की प्यास उसे नहीं लगती, धनुष पर बाण वो नहीं चढ़ाता

इतने निरर्थक हो गये है युद्ध, रणभूमि में ध्यान लगा रहे हैं बुद्ध
वो ढूँढ रहे हैं घर का दरवाज़ा
जो बाहर है ही नहीं…

घर सिर्फ़ अपने अंदर है
बाहर सिर्फ़ दुनिया है

International Version

That Warrior throws weapons
No more Lesions
he was fed up of his sins
he got bored of his wins
coz he knew he would always win

he is not thirsty for anyone’s blood
bow is missing, No arrows gonna flood

dead bodies were roaming
On Blood he was floating

this War is a Waste, He is Alone
Buddha is meditating in the War Zone

A Door is all what he seeks
After a deep thought,
he opens the door and speaks
Home is inside your Skin,
and World Outside your skin

© Siddharth Tripathi and, 2015

Siddharth Tripathi / *SidTree

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