Midnight note on Bombay Velvet

This is my Midnight note on Film Bombay Velvet. 

Opulent cinema, worth watching on 70 MM screen for its camera work &  production efforts, even if u leave everything aside. Good acting especially Ranbir kapoor, Karan johar was nice mixture of mean negative role with soda of comedy. On characterisation part, I must say it acquired lot of style from Scorsese & Tarantino. Music and background score compliment the storyline & thumbs up for the retro look of the film.

The film is not as detailed as Gyan Prakash’s book Mumbai fables, but you can’t expect to pour each n every word of book into 2.5 hr film. Off course the crew of the film was not making a documentary on Mumbai for history channel, so it was ought to deviate from book Mumbai fables.

2 Minus points – KK Menon was not properly used & climax could have been better

EK or Extra Knowledge –  sound of tommy gun, firing bullets was matched with jazz drums, I liked it

I don’t agree with lot of reviewers completely writing off Bombay Velvet, they are sort of attaching a label, scene by scene. You can call it ‘labelling complex’ of a reviewer because they don’t create anything, they just put a label on someone’s effort without any risk. This Should change. There are a lot of good things in this film especially the fine craftsmanship should be appreciated.

© Siddharth Tripathi, KavioniPad.com, 2015