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Words are more destructive than Nukes – ‘The Interview’

Words can be more destructive than nuclear weapons : This is One Line which Reviews ‘The Interview’
 Finished 2 dictator comedies in 2 weeks back to back, last week I saw The Dictator and that was my ROFL (Rolling on the floor Laughing) moment. This week I saw The Interview which crushes North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un into pieces of Shit. Found a Featurette on Vimeo, which gives you an idea about this Movie. The film is quite hilarious but Comparing both movies, The Dictator was a Laugh Riot and a notch above The Interview. Both of them are worth a Single View. I also felt a sort of American arrogance in The Interview, its a political Punch on the face of Kim Jong Un. As Kim himself says in a scene “Words can be more destructive than nuclear weapons” Thats it, No spoilers Here. Worth 2 Laughing Hours from Weekend.  ~Rating : 3/5 Stars

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