500 yrs ago a Man painted Storms

Leonardo Da Vinci was first person to identify swirling pattern of storms, his paintings show patterns of hurricanes 500 years before satellite technology first revealed the images of swirling storm. 16 paintings were created between 1514 and 1518. See this image and scroll down for excerpt from Da Vinci notebooks…


Following is the Excerpt From: Leonardo da Vinci. “Notebooks.” Which I was reading last night.

“When the heavy substance descends in the air, and the air moves in a contrary direction in order to fill up continuously the space evacuated by this heavy substance, the movement of this air is a curve, because when it desires to rise by the shortest line it is prevented by the heavy substance which descends upon it, and so it is obliged to bend and then return above this heavy substance in order to fill up the vacuum that has been left by it.”

So this is the genius of Da Vinci

– Siddharth .. Kavi on iPad