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Mahabharata Facts – 1

Mahabharata is almost 4 times the size of the Ramayana and is longer than any other epic anywhere in the world

It turns out to be 90,000 Sanskrit shlokas or 2 million words long.

The text of the Mahabharata tells us that Maharishi Ved Vyaas finished this composition in just 3 years. (Slightly slower than Chetan Bhagat’s Shit Writing Machine)

There are 3 versions of Mahabharata. The original version was called Jaya and had 8,800 shlokas. This was expanded to 24,000 shlokas and called Bharata. Finally, it was expanded to 90,000 (or 100,000) shlokas and called Mahabharata.

India’s Cultural Heritage, proudly shared by Siddharth @KavioniPad
(Special thanks to people who researched on world’s largest Epic and shared that valuable knowledge)


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