Tax on Internet usage ?

Hey, do you know that Hungary would impose tax on Internet usage!

I Repeat…. Under its draft 2015 tax bill submitted to parliament, Hungary’s government plans to impose a $0.62 or ₹38 tax on every gigabyte of data usage. At present, Hungary has tax levied on each minute of a phone call and every text message, with a monthly cap on the tax’s amount per customer. However The new tax, has no cap.

I think this is absurd way of Tax Practices. Situations in India and Hungary are ironic to each other, In India we still Starve for internet connectivity but Ironically In Hungary they are trying to tax internet.

No Body in this world has a right to tax internet, if that was the case, Sir Tim Berners Lee could have made Billions of dollars for himself (Imagine – He gave Concept of World wide web for free !!). Internet is Free and this freedom should be respected.

Update : finally Hungarian PM got some sanity in his head, Internet tax plan scrapped, remember 2Pac’s Poem – long live the rose which grew from concrete

– Siddharth.. Kavi on iPad