देवी की पूजा … देवी का रेप : Worship and Rape

Our Society worship the goddess but rape the women too. This poem sketches crime against women in this age and its revolutionary impact which may or may not follow.
Disclaimer : Please don’t see this poem from communal or religious angle. Rape is a Heinous Crime. It cannot be diluted and misinterpreted with any religious angle. In every religion or culture women are seen/treated with a lot of care. So a Rape is a hypocritical act in itself, and that hypocrisy is subject of this poem

अपने टुकड़ों को फिर करीने से सजा रही थी
वो बिखरे बिस्तर पर लेटी आंसू बहा रही थी

कसाइयों की आंखों में मांस की बू है
बहुत अच्छी थी हमारी गुड़िया
उसकी मां बता रही थी

देवियों की पूजा भी, रेप भी… ये क्यों होता है।
ऐसे सवालों की चुभन बढ़ती जा रही थी

उसकी डूबती सांसों से सुलगने लगा हर कोई
सुबह तो होनी ही है, रात जा रही थी


International Version

Recollecting her own pieces
She Sat on the Bed
tears started falling in her Own Silence
She recalls the smell of her half burnt Soul
Her mom recalls smell of her new born baby

Why We worship the goddess, Why We Rape
hypocrisy is in same age old shape
Acid of Such Questions rained that night
Everybody started simmering
Hope was charred in the air that night

© Siddharth Tripathi, 2012. Excerpts and links can be used, provided that credit given with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.