A Picture is a Poem : Sunset inside a Lantern

Picture is a Poem 1 - Sunset inside a Lantern

एक सूरज डूबा है अभी… नदी किनारे इस लालटेन में

अभी एक लौ उठेगी…  तो अंधेरा सहम जाएगा

On a Balmy Evening, Near the ‘Ken’ River

The Sun sinks inside a Lantern

But don’t wait for the Dawn

Light some fire, Darkness would vanish


LocationKen River, Near Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, India

Camera – iPhone 4, Untouched no effects

Taken from bilingual poem collection ‘Poetic Buddha’ by Siddharth

Copyright – Siddharth Tripathi, 2012