Social Network : A Poem from your Virtual World


This is a journey of our virtual social networks which are rapidly replacing real world friendships and ironically making us lonely. Be a part of internet revolution but don’t ignore your real world, your real people. Poem is in english for viewers across the globe.
Taken from bilingual poem collection ‘Poetic Buddha’ by Siddharth

On those
snowy white earphones
here and there
some moments blow
some tunes flow

Just Click click
A little Ego lick
Romancing Camera
Or being Sick

Chirpy fights
Heavenly flights
flew like kites
drunk lights

Such a rush
Its Raining friend requests, in the air
But no one connects under hair

Everybody is so close in this virtual world
I can’t see anyone clearly
I am Moving to myself
…Thats being Social !

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