Heart Roams like a FireFly… फरवरी और आवारा दिल

Lets talk about Love… about matters of heart… about soul and being yourself… that pious corner of your life… you would see that heart is like a firefly… it roams around… hurting itself… learning… Flying again… accepting whatever life has done to it.

Poem in Hindi followed by English version for International Viewers

Taken from bilingual poem collection ‘Poetic Buddha’ by Siddharth

आंख भर आंसू

मुठ्ठी में एक रिश्ता लिए

अधूरे से मुझमें

पूरी होने आई थी


सांझ के अंधेरे से

गुलाबी हाथ झटककर

दामन थामने मेरा

तू भागी चली आई थी


फिर एक प्याली चाय पर

उधड़ता गया वक़्त

सिले हुए हाथ, बातों में

इलायची सी आई थी


सरगोशियां थीं

और नज़रें गुंथी हुई

याद है तुम्हें, क्या क्या

कसमें हमने खाई थीं


जान मेरी गौर से

कैलेंडर में देखो

महज़ तारीख नहीं

14 फरवरी आई थी


International Version

Eyes full of Teardrops

Hands full of Promises

You were Still incomplete

From the grip of darkness

You Walked on…

Into a New Dawn

Molten… Smoked… Open… Free

It Smelled like a cardamom in a cup of Tea

Yes Time was Freezing

as we wanted it to be

Bodies were Tangled… and Vision too

Trying hard.. But not getting through

Then I said to myself.. just be with the flow

Welcome the fresh air.. be Hollow

Since then Februaries are passing by

My heart is roaming like a Firefly

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