Atmosphere.. हवाओं में पिघलते जाना

Finally my new poem is cooked…  it is… served with love.

Hindi and English versions verse by verse

जलते जाना, जलते जाना

हवाओं में पिघलते जाना

तमाम उखड़ती सांसों पर

पंखा हल्का झलते जाना


Its You.. a Flare

stay up in the atmosphere

don’t let the darkness Kill

that Chilly breath moving up the hill

its Fusion of Fire & rain

Just try to soothe every pain

Yes, its you… a Flare

Lighting up the Atmosphere


बहुत मुश्किल है बचना यहां

चाल दर चाल चलते जाना

कोशिश तो करो, ज़रा धीरे चलो

कभी गिरे कोई तो रुकते जाना

जीतने की भूख तो सभी में है यहां

कभी हारना, झुकना, मिटते जाना


This World is a Chess

What a beautiful mess

Just walk on your Fears

But care for those tears

Step up slow

Make your words Mellow

When Every battle is for a Win

Try Losing once and glow

And finally

Remember, its you… a Flare

Lighting up the Atmosphere

© Siddharth Tripathi