Dreams can grow on Concrete, Just Believe…

One Evening when Kavi on iPad (poet next door) was walking down on streets of New delhi, he saw a small crack on side of a road and a yellow flower just emerged and started talking… hit the play button

Taken from bilingual poem collection ‘Poetic Buddha’ by Siddharth

ख्वाब खड़े हो सके
इसके लिए
ज़मीन खरीदो
रूह बेचो
ये दस्तूर लगता है
थोड़ा बदल रहा है

वो देखो
कॉन्क्रीट पर
घुटने के बल
एक नन्हा पीला फूल
मचल रहा है

© सिद्धार्थ

International Version

For dreams to stand up in this real world
You don’t need to buy a Piece of land
You don’t need to sell your Soul
All the Old Sayings have changed
You just need to believe
See that little Yellow flower
emerged from that crack
standing and saying
Yes, i was able to come out
yes… Dreams can grow on Concrete

(voice over is by me in hindi, i recorded audio while on move on an iPad, so please bear with that slight disturbance, from now on i would try to do voiceover in both hindi and english languages, till then my international viewers/readers can read the translation)

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